Kim Han-sol is only a young man

A video of youth seen as Kim Han-sol was uploaded to Youtube.Some experts appeared on the information program of television pointed out that it might be received as a provocation to the current administration in North Korea.I saw a few reports about him and became a little fan.I think that he is natural and calm and seems confident to himself.I get the impression that he is stable with facial expression and he is a person who can recognize himself and others.I have come to expect him to change North Korea unnoticed.I thought that I want him to get up for the peace of the world although it is a bit exaggerated.

However, the idea that the expectation may be irresponsible has come to mind.It may have been good to have mindfulness training.While asking him for a life-threatening behavior, the attitude of "I see the situation on TV" is problematic.I should have noticed without doing the training.

Alfred Adler said, it is important that you don't expect others and don't be intrusive on somebody else's problems.I think some kind of relationship is supposed in this context.Expectations and intervention are not made to unrelated people.So, can you say that people who expect Kim Han-sol have something to do with him ?

While I was watching him on TV, I was convinced that I had become close to him unnoticed.If he doesn't take any action, I am frightened of myself that I will be disappointed.This is like a case where my favorite entertainer got married.

It is difficult to understand deeply about responsibility.For example, companies are responsible to stakeholders.So, responsibility is not made to unrelated people.First I felt intuitively irresponsible, but I am selfish accurately.

Expecting peace from Kim Han-sol is selfish rather than irresponsibility. He is still only a young man.